Sunday, November 26, 2006

On The Boat

Yeah back from the cold place, now we are visit the hundu temple in the centre of the lake! And happy to take a picture! Posted by Picasa


Here is the last place to go, and will be end of the trip! So happy...
And finally can have a hot warm shower hehe... ^^ Posted by Picasa


Starting walking in the desert place...
So sunny, So far away from next stop!
And my legs is very painful!!! Ai~Ya! Posted by Picasa


Finally got place to have lunch and rest, while we are waiting for food, i just checking my pictures...i am on the left handside ^^ Posted by Picasa

So Sunny

The UV so strong until my ear and face a bit burn...
pain of my face! Posted by Picasa

Taking Picture

I was taking a picture...
wayang posing and try to get a good shot! Posted by Picasa

Checking My Pictures

i am on the right handside, i was checking my pictures... Posted by Picasa

Crossing Bridge

Is very exciting crossing bridge, in fact in Nepal you need to cross lot this kind of bridge!
very exciting!!! Posted by Picasa


This how i look like in Nepal, when trekking! Posted by Picasa

Yeah My Cool Look

My short hair look...No! i want my hair back!!! Posted by Picasa

Actually my mouth is cute wah~

Is Me ^^

Is me! house mate is trying his new len! Posted by Picasa


Himalaya is great!
i wish i will go there again one day!
Never Regret... Trekking is not easy!
And it help you slimming also wahaha... Posted by Picasa

From Restaurant

This is from restaurant look out there, it look like want to rain... Posted by Picasa

Hot Girl!!!

Hot Girls...
look cool and hot! Posted by Picasa


This is my house mate too...
3 of us got Tikka...See got flower on head! hehe... Posted by Picasa

Ah Chai

We all have Tikka! The red spot on head!!!
This is Ah Chai, my house mate. Posted by Picasa


Hello how are you, hello i am shy hehe... Posted by Picasa

Temple Roof

Posted by Picasa

Hindu Temple

Arrive~! This is the famous hindu temple in the centre of lake... Posted by Picasa

Succesful Trekker!

Yeah~thanks KC (ourtour guide from Nepal)! He took a picture for 3 of us on the boat!
thats y must smell very sweet!!! ^^ mission complete!!! Posted by Picasa

Small Island

Do you see there?
the small island is where the hundu temple is...
It locate in the centre of the lake!
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Pokhara Lake

Finally back to Pokhara...And then take a chance to the famous lake to visit the hindu temple... Posted by Picasa


Look like dark cloud and white cloud are fighting, Evil and Angel are always fighting...
People out there also always fighting...Are they also kind of Evil And Angel???
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Way To Heaven

Haha i call it way to heaven...
Because in movie this kind of view always appear when Angels want to coming down to earth...And now we are very near to the sky and we are always standing between heaven and hell...
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Cover Whole Mountain

The dark cloud cover whole snow mountain...and also brought strong wind...DRY COLD wind...
on the street no body walking around, people all hidding inside the coffee house and restaurant having rest and taste a hot warm drink... Posted by Picasa