Tuesday, November 05, 2013

A holiday short trip in Oasis Damansara


Once arrived there you can see a waterfall, I mean human made waterfall in car park.

These are the business building opposite the car park, human made waterfall.

I love this, love how the water movement. Zen like feeling and immediate refreshing, just looking at it.

Dancing water? It created water flower illusion. Am I high or something??? Hahahahahaha hahahahahaha ... ...

Finally something had attracted me from water flowers. The Japanese rose, see how strong the color is. Beautiful small little "roses".

Japanese roses is quite common in Malaysia. Is very easy to grow and it open flowers everyday!


This time we are looking for something to drink, and look! Oasis ladies! They look a bit old, not slim enough. But the left one is much better. Shhhhh, don't be rude okay!

Finally we found it! Our oasis! UFO coffee shop.


We are lucky today, got free stuff!!!