Sunday, January 05, 2014

Crazy sweat in Borga hill.

Found very beautiful flower in down hill.

Nothing on top of hill, in the middle hill only can feel the wind and slightly cooling a bit after sweat like no tomorrow.

From middle hill, you can see the lower hill down there. Another one is connecting with forest.

Nothing up there, no building, temple but grass and trees.

That is the 3rd hill connecting with forest. I was very tired to continue to climb that dangerous hill road haha, some more it looks like going to rain soon! In the end doesn't rain! Anyway I was taking action not to take a risk for such weather!


I always think that rocks is not normal, it looks like something hiding inside or someone built that! Maybe is my imagination! Recently I am playing tomb raider anniversary! Hmmm...


This is strong tree! It's catching my attention.


Burned tree, maybe was caused by human or maybe was caused by lightning, but the writing definaly caused some bloody itchy fingers!