Thursday, July 02, 2009

this is sweet~ young feeling...
is for woman, but actually got guy using it... with girl friend oh...

The Red One is the latest fragrance from Lancome...
i already bought 10 pieces of this fragrance body lotion to my 7 sisters... >.<
body lotion is better can make your skin very healthy wah~

men perfume from Lancome with black cover
the bottle look cool right??
for me yes~

Gucci Pour homme II
i haven't try the Pour Homme I
P.Homme II, is light very manly ... love this stuff!

my reflection from D&G fragrance's box, and my working desk, haahaa... with my HP mini 1000
and Microsoft wireless mouse...
very cute little mouse company me whole day, very useful and convenience. look gorgeous!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Flora by GUCCI

This is amazing, very flora, long lasting although is EDT!!!
New fragrance in 2009!
it catching my soul, my mind and my own spirit...

women! you really have to try, if you want to capture the one you fall in love~
men will love it~

GUCCI Rush 2

Gucci Rush2
was a best seller in 2001/2002

gucci by GUCCI

This is gucci by Gucci, EDT.
this is for those women love strong,sexy and confidence enough. Is the signature fragrance for Gucci House.
trust me, this stuff is much better than Chanel No.5


these are lovely~
is a memory and yet very good fragrances!
is the best seller!
is worth to keep as collection!
will buy for collection soon!Love the logo of Versace

My Colleague

The sexy malay girl in Parfume Jewel
at Tropicana City Mall, we are playing game while working haahaa!
is part of work actually! XD

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

CK One, CK One Summer 2009 limited edition, ck in2 u (women)

For CK One and CK One Summer 2009,both of them smell amazing, fresh, young and playable ...

Ilike the bottle of CK in2u, CK in2u for women is nice, for men... i doesn't like it...
CKin2u for women... after dry down, it smell like some kind of toilet perfume >.<''
the price is affordable...


This is my favorite Gucci fragrance, i like the smell although is EDT but it does long lasting!
It smell good and i love the bottle... is modern, simple and sexy! Amazing stuff!!!